Monday, January 10, 2011

Made to crave

So in about 3 hours:( noon Australian time) 8pm EST the first made to crave webconference starts.
I am so looking forward to Lysa's teaching.She has such a heart for God and is tackling the issues that are right on my heart! Thank you Lord for amazing teachers who help on this journey.

I really encourage you to "go".
Simply click on and there will be a live twitter stream to interact with Lysa during the broadcast.


  1. I am so sad I missed it. Will this be a weekly event? Please give me the schedule so I can try and do it next time.

  2. Todays session is repeated tomorrow at noon & 3pm EST check and there is a twitter stream there too.

    Each Monday for 6-10 weeks there will be another instalment. Next week a Pastor will be speaking.

    I took some notes from today & Fha e been thinking on them all day! I sent point form notes to your acebook inbox

  3. Have u got notes u could send me?