Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A fresh start

Hi Gals,
Well the scales have again groaned & the disappointment & shame begins as I see the numbers blaring evidence of My failure over the last few months & then i STOP & catch that thought- I remember that I don't live that way any more, I am not under guilt & condemnation, I am not listening to that negative, guilt ridden, destructive self talk.
I have a choice to make.
I'm choosing to look to the Word for labels for me, I don't hear those words said by the Saviour so therefore I should not be allowing myself to say them to me.

I know His Word says in Lamentations 3:22-23

 22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
   for his compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning;
   great is your faithfulness.

Today is a new start, I am not consumed, I'm not under condemnation, The Lord is looking lovingly at His gals & waiting for us to invite Him into this journey- so let's get started!!

Do you have specific scriptures that encourage you on this journey ?
Please share them in the comments for the other Glory Gals!!

Feasting and Fasting

A friend sent me a link to an article this week that talked about how our food habits have changed as a result of affluence - how special dinners for our grandparents were a few times a year usually birthdays & Christmas in comparison to the relative excess of food & wine that fill our usual fare and how many traditions of the past involved fasting & feasting.
I have been thinking on the article alot.
In the Old Testament fasting days were a way of remembering the significant suffering of the Jewish people in great events in their history. Feast days celebrated deliverance from a particular oppression or suffering or victory.
More "modern day" Christian fasting is directed at abstaining from a meal or favorite thing (some gals have a coffee or sugar fast) to wait on God for a particular break through or issue that they are seeking God for in prayer.
Is God involved in your food choices?
Do I use food to soothe myself or celebrate my Creator?
Do I miss meals because I'm rushed,disorganized or trying to obtain a diet goal or do I purposefully & prayerfully miss a meal to seek God?
Often my view of meals is very "me" oriented, I have to shamefully admit I have stopped the tradition of giving thanks before each meal as I was taught as a small child, it seemed to slip away when I started to grab a snack on the run as lunch or a coffee as a breakfast substitute. Jesus modeled giving thanks every time He ate or fed others.(see Mark 13:22-25, John 6:1-15, )
I would personally like to commit to thanking the Lord for His provision of my food, each & every time I eat and to change my thinking on my food being a "means to an end" to achieve my personal weight goals at the expense of considering my Lord.

What about you?
Do you fast?
Do you have feasts in your own family traditions that are specific celebrations of what God has done in your family or are purposefully to honor the Lord?
Do you give thanks or teach your wee ones to give thanks before meals?
Are we as Gods people loosing the attitude of gratitude & diluting the role of fasting & feasting in our relationship with God in our food obsessed, calorie counting, convenience lifestyle?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Life Motto

"if we could see as God sees: our worries would turn to trust & our
fears would turn to dust" ~ Carolyn xx

Monday, January 10, 2011

Made to crave

So in about 3 hours:( noon Australian time) 8pm EST the first made to crave webconference starts.
I am so looking forward to Lysa's teaching.She has such a heart for God and is tackling the issues that are right on my heart! Thank you Lord for amazing teachers who help on this journey.

I really encourage you to "go".
Simply click on http://madetocrave.org/ and there will be a live twitter stream to interact with Lysa during the broadcast.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

He Came!!

He came!!!

He came and He left gifts!!!

Not a silly fat fairytale man in a red suit needing mumma & dads everywhere to help him keep his "promises"

I'm talking about the most significant event in our lives, in all earths history. He came. Wrapped in cloth, laid in a manger, Alive in the body of a man to restore His children to their Father. To give what we were unable to give.

He came. He didn't have to, God had been talking to people through prophets for centuries, He sent celestial wonders and miracles and spoke through holy men and women, but He knew He had to give us something more- Himself, for us- no other gift compares, no other gift has such significance, no other gift has such sacrifice. Jesus came because He loved us more than we will ever know this side of Heaven, but thanks to the fact that He came we will one day be rejoicing in understanding and glory with Him in Heaven.

Im Praying you have a lovely Christmas experiencing the gift that Jesus came to this world to give us- relationship with the Father.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who have you talked to??

I have talked to many woman about this journey, I have given and sought their encouragement and have had lots of opportunities to chat about The Glory Gals and often I have found that many of us struggle with our weight and it is one of the major things that really effects what we think about ourselves in a negative way.
I have also heard over and over again that it is often a big part of our lives that we dont commit to the Lord, we pray over our families, our jobs, bills and many things but we seem to hold back on this area.
I know I have.
I felt like my weight was evidence of my failure, and in guilt and condemnation, I felt it was my problem to get my act together alone.
I could chat with my girlffriends and bloggy buddies but when it came to praying about it I was silent.

I enjoy reading a chapter of Proverbs for each day, Chp 1 on the 1st and so on, & since there is 31 of them they fit beautifully. Do you do this too?

Today I was reading Chapter 16 and I never stop being amazed that you can read the Bible and get fresh words for your day each time even if you have read the passage many times.

Today was such a day, two verses stood out for me:

3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do,
   and he will establish your plans.

 9 In their hearts humans plan their course,
   but the LORD establishes their steps.

Today in Prov 16.3 God says afresh- commit whatever you do- not some things. He is interested in all that we are doing and He wants to be a part of it. This lead me to thinking about the reality of commiting my weight journey to the Lord.

A commitment- that sounds pretty serious. It involves accounatbility and perserverance.

If everyday I am struggling and not sure of my direction, resolve and success and then I have to ask myself: Am I planning this journey or is He? If I have commited my journey to the Lord, He is establishing my plans.

If I am planning it, and I'm woried, anxious or defeated then I have not committed it totally to the Lord.

If God is establishing my planning  then I am not discouraged, uneasy or worried, I am walking where He want me to be and I  can reject all of that negative thinking and know I am in His plan. He has established the plan- He has set it in motion -just as establish is defined by Mirriam Webster as to institute, to bring into existance, to make firm or stable.

The word established is repeated: God establishes your plans and God establishes your steps.

This is really significant.

Its not just an idea, a plan that has been instituted, bought into existance and made firm and stable by God as we have commited what we are doing to Him. Then something else happens, the plan goes into our heart. It becomes part of us. It is no longer a chore but it is in my heart. God doesnt leave it there. God works things out of our heart into our everyday life.

Proverbs 16.9 speaks of how God also wants to set up our action- our doing- our steps. 
Steps aren't the goal themselves, they are the little movements that make up our journey.
They are intentional, they are purposeful, they are goal oriented.
They are the consequence of what is in our heart and they are established by God.

Thoughts to ponder and pray over:

Have you committed your journey to The Lord? If not what is holding you back?

What steps is God asking you to take to make this journey?

How do these Scriptures challenge you today?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Define Me

I sat at my computer to write a "profile" post and got a huge shock- I am not defined by my past, my sin, my circumstances, my relationships or my moods.

I challenge you to look at how you usually introduce yourself- the definition you give to sum yourself up when you meet new people:  Are you defined by your children?  "I'm Bubba's Mumma," Your marital status,  "Im Hubby's wife, divorced, single"  are you defined as a career?

More personally how do you define yourself when you speak about yourself in general conversation?

I'm short,

I'm fat,

I'm cuddly,

I'm lazy,

I'm tired,

I cant do this....

Let's look at the negative statements that we make starting with "I'm...." today – write them down or make a mental note of them. Then pray over the list.

 "But forget all that— it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. Isaiah 43:18-19


Let's start speaking some truth into our day!

God is good,

He is very interested in us,

He has a good plan for our life and He is already working right at this minute to bring it about.