Sunday, November 28, 2010

What are The Glory Gals about?

God is my strength, apart from Him I can do nothing, yet in the area of weight loss I somehow exclude God.

I have thought about this and I think it is because I feel a bit ashamed of how little self control I have. I have read many other gals stories who are on this weight loss journey too and it seems like alot of us have similar feelings of inadequacy, guilt, failure.

I think that it is time to say "Enough of that!"
It’s not about us, our lives are for His glory.
 Lets walk with The King and live how He made us to- with our image of ourselves lining up with His word. I don’t want to open the door for the enemy to whisper condemnation and guilt in and to rub my nose in my failures.
I want to run to God, seek His truth and ask for His support on this journey.
If you would like to join me lets read and encourage each other along this journey, today is a good day to start but most of all lets invite God in.

In His Grace,

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  1. I am going to join you. I am going to be doing a colon cleanse this week and weaning myself off of sugar. I could use a lot of encouragement. My body is addicted to sugar so I know this is where I must start. You can visit my health blog here: